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Regional shifts of planting areas have partly determined the changes of crop compositions and stimulated the growth of maize production. Recent increase of maize production in China, however, greatly exceeds its domestic demand, resulting in huge stockpiles of maize. As a consequence of these changes, China's food production has changed the global trading market. For example, China has changed from a net importer to exporter of maize since 2003. However, in recent years, China is forced to import wheat to meet the shortages in domestic demand (Figure Free Shipping Fashion Style The Berit Bodysuit in Rose size L also in MSXLXSXXS LAcademie Fashionable Cheap Sale Amazing Price Outlet Locations Online Yxdmx8QGg
). The ratio of stock to use for maize in China is the highest among all major maize producing countries in recent years (Figure Clearance Store Mens Banner Pa Trousers Deeluxe Sale With Mastercard Cheap Price Top Quality s1GRp
). China has 48% of global maize stockpile (Figure 6 ). One analyst estimated that more than 20 million metric tons of China's maize are “so moldy or deteriorated that they are no longer suitable for human consumption or feed use,” which will probably result in losses of more than $10 billion USDA, 2016 ). The government has realized the overproduction of maize and announced to reduce 3.33 million hectares of maize cultivation areas in the Northeast, North, Northwest, and Southwest by 2020 (Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China, 2015 ).

Figure 6
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The stock to use ratios of maize over the global and the sample countries (solid lines) and the percentages of maize stock in China to the global stock (bars) for 2006–2014.
The stock to use ratios of maize over the global and the sample countries (solid lines) and the percentages of maize stock in China to the global stock (bars) for 2006–2014.

In addition, the increases of planting area in Northeast and Northwest China strongly depend on the expended irrigation conditions because of the low rainfall. It is very important to realize that the expansion of irrigation‐based agriculture has resulted in many negative environmental consequences, such as the depletion of water resources, water pollution, and soil salinization. The increase in cropping areas in these regions has substantially increased the agricultural uses of water and therefore aggravated the shortages of water resources for other uses. Ground water withdrawal for crop production in the North has led to a rapid decline in the water table (−0.8m/year) since the 1970s (Shen et al., Floral V Neck Bikini Top Pop pink Hobie Knock Off J6FZi5LkLm
). Recent study highlighted that groundwater in the North and Northwest has been stressed or overstressed due to the high population and irrigation demand (Richey et al., Maxi Jersey Dress with Logo Belt Black Dr Denim Amazon Cheap Price Low Price UzJXgvrK
). Moreover, irrigation has led to soil salinization on about 9mha of arable lands in the northern regions, adversely affecting the cropland quality and crop yield (W. P. Chen et al., 2010 ). How long and how extensive this irrigation‐based agriculture can be sustained across various regions in China is a major scientific question that requires immediate attention.

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Ask A Biologist
Ask A Biologist

Hormones: chemical messages released by cells or glands in the body.

Molecule: a chemical structure that has two or more atoms held together by a chemical bond. Water is a molecule of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (H2O)...

Receptor: a molecule on the surface of a cell that responds to specific molecules and receives chemical signals sent by other cells.

Secrete: to release any substance, molecule, or chemical from a gland or cell in the body.

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Where are epithelial cells?

Take a quick look at the skin on your hands. Even if you think your skin is one smooth surface, it is actually made of millions of epithelial cells that are tightly packed next to each other. That’s not the only place you find these cells. Epithelial cells also line the inside of your throat, intestines, blood vessels, and all your organs. They are a barrier between the inside and outside of your body and are often the first place that is attacked by viruses as they begin their invasion deeper into the body.

What do epithelial cells do?

Epithelial cells are the safety shields of the body. Take another look at your hand. It is covered with epithelial cells that protect your body by being a barrier between your internal cells and the dirt and microbes in the environment. They also are able to stretch so you can move your fingers and arms into many positions. You can also thank your epithelial cells for making the sweat that cools you down when you're exercising or when it's hot outside. To learn more about your skin and the important ways it works for you every day, listen to this podcast .

Stained epithelial cells by Page Baluch.

Other epithelial cells help you experience your environment by having special sensors, called receptors, that collect signals. When you taste a favorite food or smell a flower, the receptors in these cells send the signal to your brain so you can enjoy every bite and sweet smell.

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