Über mich

Hier werden in naher Zukunft Informationen auch auf Deutsch.

Paper and pencil were my company from early childhood. They were tools, tools which I used to express my ideas, feelings and emotions. Even during studies I caught myself drawing doodles everywhere around me and actually my parents often preached me for it.

It was only a small step from drawing to painting. This step helped me to feel more free, express my ideas more clearly, put my soul, my fantasy and imagination fully into a painting. You can find variety of styles within my painting portfolio. Realism or abstraction, I always try to capture the essence of a moment or the nature of a story with diversity of colors and shapes, which a camera cannot ever capture. It really does not matter what is the story behind a painting, everyone can find own and unique story looking inside a painting. It does not show only simple shapes or objects, but there is also a spirit, sense and energy hidden. My canvas is like a story written from my inside feelings, writing this story the space and the time does not exist for me anymore. It is just me, here and now.

The core theme of my pieces are people as a part of universe and substantial part of our being. Mainly women, who can feel, love, suffer and forgive. I try to express beauty, vulnerability and tenderness of women through the beauty of feminine lines.

This is me, piece of me in every painting and a part of what I can offer you.

I gladly invite you to my new gallery!

Mein Lieblingszitat:
„Folgen Sie Ihrer Freude, und das Universum wird Türen für Sie öffnen, wo bisher nur Mauern waren.“
Joseph Campbell (1904-1987)